A visit to our suppliers

– A report
by Francesca Kleinstück
The summer morning air was filled with the scent of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of passersby sharing their thoughts of the day ahead. Our train journey to Ticino, the heart of Casa Vayu’s production partners, led us by lush nature, mountain ranges and crystal clear lakes. We soaked up the stillness before stepping out into the lively station of Mendrisio.


Upon arrival we stopped by a flower shop, losing ourselves in the colorful variety of bouquets and listened to the Italian ladies, seemingly meeting here to chit-chat about love and life. Flowers and analog camera in hand, we made our way to the production site in Mendrisio. It was a hot summer day, all the windows in the light and airy building were open. The sound of the radio and the whirring of the sewing machines blending together into one melody. In this tranquil setting, the seamstresses of the factory work with intention and passion on making our vision come together, fully dedicated to their craft. 

After lunch in a quaint and charming courtyard, we make our way to the old town. Here we meet with our leather craftsman. The studio of the young artisan is filled with analog pictures from his travels, japanese ceramics, his many tools and the centerpiece: a big and sturdy work table. It smells like resin and leather, intense and calming at the same time. After guiding us through his production flow, showing us every step it takes to create one belt, we feel inspired by the time and dedication that flow into one piece.

On the train ride home, we fall into our seats full of gratitude for this day and the people we met along the way. While looking at the lakes glistening in the late afternoon sun, we let our thoughts wander, excited for everything that is to come for CASA VAYU.